Northern New England, Presbyterian Church in America, PCA

Contact Information

Stated Clerk
Per Almquist

MNA Chairman
Joseph Pensak

CCI Chairman
Seth Anderson

Steve Magee

Presbytery of Northern New England

The Presbytery organizes a missions conference and missions trips in alternating years.

Upcoming Trips

Upcoming Conferences
Next missions conference November 2012
Speaker and details to follow. 

Recent Trips
Mercy Ministries in Romania (May, 2009)
Katrina Recovery Work in New Orleans (November, 2007)
Leadership Conference in Romania (July, 2007)
Preaching and Teaching in Uganda (April, 2007)

Recent Conferences
2011 Missions Conference (Manchester, NH)
2010 Missions Conference (Manchester, NH)
2009 Missions Conference (Manchester, NH)
2008 Missions Conference (Manchester, NH) featuring Dr. D.A. Carson 2006 Missions Conference (Portland, ME) featuring Dr. Richard Pratt, Jr.